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Truffle Seeking Dogs Training

The training starts when the the pup is about 3 months old.  It should be carried out by the person who spends most time with it, and who will eventually become its guide in seeking truffles. The training is a serious matter, but it consists of various phases and is conceived as a form of playing and fun for the pup.


The pup plays with truffle bits which it can eat, in order to get accostumed to the smell.


Truffle bits or bits of bread coated in truffle oil are buried at a minimal depth of 1-3cm, in order for the dog to be able to find them and dig them up with its snout, since puppies at first do not know how to dig using their paws. Every time the dog finds the truffle, we reward it with dog cookie.


Burying the truffle at depths of 10-20cm in order for the dog to put more effort in finding it. When found, the dog must use its paws to dig it up, since it is buried at a greater depth.


Taking the pup to the woods accompanied by a more experienced dog. When the older dog finds a truffle, it is distanced from the hole, while the pup is called in its stead to dig the truffle up. This is how the pup gets accostumed to the wood, to the smell and learns how to dig.