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Yet another season of white truffles is behind us.
White truffle season was opened on September 15th when truffle hunters found large amounts of so-called “Fioron” truffle ( white truffle that is of lower quality in the beginning ) which was a great indication of how successful the rest of the season will be.

However, after only 15 days everything has stopped. The number of truffles suddenly started to decrease, the prices started to rise and so every indication of a good season fell apart.
Neighbouring country Italy endured severe summer droughts which had a significant impact on truffle growth. Low supply of truffles did not meet the high demand which led to rapid increase in prices.

In the period of time that is generally known as hight of the truffle season, this year will be remembered as a time when most of the truffle locations in Istria shut down and others distributed truffles in minimum amounts. However, the ones that were persistent and had a bit of luck, could have made a large profit considering how record high the prices of white truffles were (tuber magnatum pico). For large specimens price even went up to 4500€/kg.

Record high prices had the most impact on the restaurants that were forced to get rid of this expensive ingredient from their standard menu because it was unprofitable.

In conclusion, this was the season of ups and downs and unbelievable high prices that shattered all the records in the history of truffle business and proved once again that Istria has a true underground treasure in its possession.

We hope to have more successful and fruitful next season and now its time for our forests, truffle hunters and dogs to get some rest because they certainly deserved it.

Also, we hope that in the next season this old truffle saying won’t prove to be true: “Sako lani boje!” (Every previous year is a better year).

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