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Rules of the Giveaway ‘WONDERS OF ISTRIA’ 

 The rules of ‘WONDERS OF ISTRIA’ Giveaway organized by Karlić Tartufi – GIR d.o.o. and Partners (hereinafter “Giveaway”):


The Giveaway is being organized by Karlić Tartufi – GIR d.o.o., Paladini 14, 52420 Buzet, Croatia, OIB: (PIN): 24638078222 (hereinafter: the Organiser) and Partners as following: OPG Chiavalon – Vladimira Nadzora 16, 52215 Vodnjan, Aura proizvodi d.o.o. – II. Istarske brigade 2/1, 52420 Buzet, O.P.G Josip Franković, Trg Josipa Broza Tita 6, 52460 Buje, Roxanich Wine & Heritage Hotel – Kanal 30, 52424 Motovun, Hotel San Rocco – Srednja ulica 2, 52 474 Brtonigla – Trg Josipa Broza Tita 6

These Rules apply to the Giveaway and are binding for all Participants. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time during the Giveaway. Each amendment of the Rules shall be added to and published on the official KARLIĆ TARTUFI website 

All amendments to these Rules, including any extending or shortening of the Giveaway period, shall be announced and come into effect with the date of their publication on the official KARLIĆ TARTUFI website. 

The Organiser assumes no responsibility for the Participants’ awareness of any amendments made to the Rules so long as these amendments have been published on the official website.


The Giveaway shall last for one month, starting on 10 June 2020 and ending on 10 July 2020 at 11:59:59 PM.

The Giveaway is carried out for the promotion of the Organiser and the Partners. The Giveaway is carried out on the official Facebook pages of the Organiser and the Partners: 

1. Karlić Tartufi

2. Chiavalon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. Destilerija AurA

4. Vina Frankovic


6. San Rocco – Boutique Hotel –

The Organiser invites all the potential Participants to participate in the Giveaway, regardless of the country of residence. The Giveaway accepts entries from all persons who are at least 18 years old at the time of the start of the Giveaway. Any employees of the Organiser and Partners, as well as any members of their immediate families (parents, spouses, children, or siblings), may not participate in the Giveaway.

The Giveaway is in no way affiliated, sponsored or promoted by any of the social networks mentioned in these rules.


Interested Participants can participate at one or more Facebook pages of the Organiser and the Partners of the Giveaway.

One participant can access the Giveaway on all six Facebook pages, and should follow and comply with the conditions of the Giveaway that follow: 

  1. Like Facebook and Instagram pages of the Organiser and partners included
  2. In every comment section of the Giveaway, Participants should tag two or more different people  *different people = people who have not been previously tagged by the same participant in another comment of the Giveaway 
  3. Share official Giveaway post as public

By submitting their entry to the Giveaway, the Participant confirms that he/she agrees to these Rules.

Announcing the winner

Every Participant of the Giveaway has equal chances to be selected, by the condition that they followed all the Rules of the Giveaway. All the Participants that follow the Rules of the Giveaway on any of the six Facebook pages (of the Organiser or the Partners) are eligible to enter the first round of the Giveaway.

The first round of the selection will take place on 15 July 2020, using the platform Each of the Partners of the Giveaway will select one potential winner. All six potential winners will be announced on the Facebook pages of the Partners, as well as on the website of the Organiser The selected persons will be participating in the second round of the selection process.

The second round of the selection will take place on 27 July, 2020., monitored by an official Jury, formed by the Organiser. The process of selection will be held live, via Facebook live video on the Facebook page of the Organiser –

The winner will be selected randomly, and the Participants will not have an obligation for extra engagement in order to be selected.

The name of the winner will be announced on the Facebook pages of the Organiser and the Partners, as well on the website of the Organiser

After the selection, the Organiser will contact the winner via the Facebook platform and arrange the handover.


The prize includes the overall package arranged by the Organiser in collaboration with Partners. There can only be one winner, but the prize package includes four people. The estimated worth of the prize is approximately 3.000 euros.


The prize of the Giveaway is a PACKAGE consisting of:


Duration of the tour: 3 hours:

– Welcome drink – the first gin with white truffles in the world, followed by an educational story about the importance and peculiarity of truffles

 – Guided tour of the estate and the presentation of truffles, in the company of loveable truffle-hunting dogs

– VIP lunch with truffle dishes in an enchanting tasting room, surrounded by a century-old forest

– Taking part in cooking and learning the best truffle omelette recipe with Radmila Karlić 

– Experiencing truffle hunting in the stunning nature with lovely dogs that will try their best to find Istrian treasures for you

– With a little luck, you will find truffles – one of the most expensive food delicacy in gastronomy

– Guided tour of the first black truffle plantation in Croatia

– A surprise gift


2. ISTRIA DREAMING – SAN ROCCO Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant: 

– Welcome from our Chef 

– Short introduction of San Rocco story, tradition and territory

– 5-course menu, created by our chef using exclusively seasonal ingredients that we produce ourselves and are strictly certified as of local origin

– Wine tasting and pairing five different local wines with food


– A tour of our wine cellar and the presentation of our family story

– Tasting of our wines, including award-winning wines at the world’s most prestigious wine competition in London – DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS. You will have the opportunity to taste the gold-awarded aged Malvazija Korona and the silver Teran.

– A tour of the famous vineyard Santa Lucia. This vineyard is known as an exceptional wine-growing area where the famous Malvazija from Buje is born. This is the area where all of our wines are grown. You will see our vineyard and the extraordinary view of Buje first hand. After the tour, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our lake, and we will complete the idyllic scenario with our sparkling wine Stella.

– Lunch in our Oštarija Rondo. We will provide you a real gastronomic journey through Istrian specialties, and naturally, everything will be paired with our wines and our extra virgin olive oil.


– A visit to Aura family distillery in a 120 years old cellar

– Distillery tour and presentation about the production process and products

– Tasting of Istrian delicacies (brandies and liqueurs, gin, special jams, chocolates, vinegar and olive oil, Istrian prosciutto, cheese, and sausages) 

– Cooking gin with Aura’s technologist, followed by a gift – a bottle of this special gin for each person

– Preparing and tasting cocktails with Aura brandies and gin Karbun


Duration of the tour: 2 hours:

– Welcome drink in the peaceful surrounding of Chiavalon’s olive grove

– An educational story about the history and importance of olive cultivation in Istria 

– Experience Chiavalon’s philosophy through the family’s beginnings up until today 

– Introduction of all the phases of olive oil production on the farm 

– Expert guided tasting of Chiavalon’s four different extra virgin olive oils in the distinctive tasting room

– Savor the incredible taste of Istria by recognizing the properties of premium extra virgin olive oils 

– Taste assorted cured pork meat, two different types of cheeses from local producers and authentic Istrian Malvasia wine

– Surprise dessert with a side of sweet Muscat from Vodnjan 

– Gift for each guest: 1x 0,5 extra virgin olive oil in Chiavalon’s elegant gift box 


 – 3 days, 2 nights for two persons – Superior Room with a Valley View (2 rooms – 4 persons)

– Rich buffet dinatoire breakfast

– Free parking at the hotel’s underground garage

– Early check-in / late check-out (subject to availability)

– Private winery tour & wine tasting (5 ROXANICH wine labels)


It is possible to use the prize until 29 November 2020, with a notice beforehand, as well as booking the dates with the Organiser and other Partners.

In the case that the prize was not used in the given period, the prize is no longer valid, and the Organiser with the Partners are not obliged to prolong the dates during which the prize can be used.


Within the 10 days after the selection, the winner is obliged to confirm that they will be able to use the prize. In the case the winner does not contact the Organiser within 10 days after the selection, the Organiser will pick another winner without additional notice or announcement. Another winner will be selected by the same rules, and the Organiser will do all the necessary procedures for the new winner to receive the prize.

In the case that the newly selected winner does not contact the Organiser, the Organiser has the right to annul the Giveaway without additional notice or announcement.

The winner is obliged to send one or more photographs to the Organiser while using the prize. The Organiser will instruct the winner in detail on the sending process.

Apart from sending the photograph, the winner is obliged to publish at least one photograph while using the prize, on their Facebook or Instagram profile. In the photograph, the Organiser and the Partners must be tagged.


All claims and complaints are resolved by the Organiser. In case of founded complaints, the Organiser undertakes to rectify any deficiencies as soon as possible and inform the affected Participant accordingly as well as any other Participants, if necessary. In case of disputes between the Organiser and a Giveaway Participant, these fall within the jurisdiction of the Municipal Civil Court in Pazin.


The Organiser is not responsible for any incomplete or incorrect applications or any possible errors or technical problems related to the Entry. The Organiser and any persons participating in the organisation of the Giveaway or Prize ceremony shall not be held responsible for any damages that may result from the use of the Prizes. The Giveaway may be cancelled, interrupted or suspended only if such circumstances arise for which the Organiser is not responsible, that is, which could not have been prevented, eliminated, or avoided.

The Participants shall be notified of any cancellation, interruption, or suspension via the official website and Facebook pages of the Organiser and Partners. In such a case, the Organiser or any of the Partners shall not be held responsible for any possible damage. All decisions of the Organiser and Partners regarding the matters related to the Giveaway or any amendments to the Rules are final and binding for all Participants.

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