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Nešto novo iz radionice tvrtke „Karlić tartufi“ – prva na svijetu i jedinstvena TRUFFELLA. Krem čokolada s tartufom, u dva ekskluzivna okusa blanc i noir, pružit će vam nevjerojatno bogat i pun okus čokolade i tartufa. Nakon puno miješanja, degustiranja i kombiniranja u suradnji s našim prijateljima i suradnicima došli smo do nečeg stvarno jedinstvenog, a to možete provjeriti na Vikend festivalu istarskih tartufa u Buzetu gdje će biti i službeno predstavljanje. Stoga, navratite na žličicu čistog užitka! Za istinske sladokusce i hedoniste… TRUFFELLA.

Something completely new from »Karlić tartufi» workshop, TRUFFELLA. First in the world and unique, chocolate cream with truffles, coming in two exclusive flavours, blanc and noir, with a rich chocolate and truffle taste. After much time spent in blending and combining flavours, with a lot of help from our friends and co-workers we came across something unique. And if you come to Buzet for a Weekend of Istrian truffles you can see for yourself. So, come and have a taste of pure delight. For true chocolate lovers and hedonists …»truffella».


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